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May 24, 2023

Top of the World!

Top of the World!

As many of you know, one of the Innertube's favorite guests is Julie McKelvey. Climbing mountains is her hobby, albeit a strenuous, time-consuming one. She decided to put that hobby to the ultimate test by climbing the seven tallest peaks in the world.  She's completed five of them.  Her sixth is the ultimate test, the absolute tallest, Mt. Everest.  And Julie stood atop Everest this week!  One more peak and she'll join a list of less than 100 women that have climbed the Seven Summits!

Congratulations to Julie, whose grit and determination has put her at the top of the world's talest mountains despite a number of setbacks (she climbed Mt. Vinson in Antarctica after smashing her mouth on a rock; a broken foot forced her to make two attempts to summit Denali in Alaska; and she had to wait out a virus at a hospital in Nepal before finally climbing Everest).

She has one more tall peak to summit, and she has her choice: a mountain that rises out of a jungle, Puncak Jaya (aslo known as Carstensz Pyramid) on the island of New Guinea; or Mount Kosciuszko in Australia, which is an easier climb.  Guess which one Julie wants to climb?

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