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The Musical Innertube - Talking About Walter Becker

Sept. 20, 2022

When Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker died, the Musical Innertube was a comedy sketch show. Don and John decided to use an episode to remember Becker and Steely Dan, and changed the Innertube in the process.

The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Ron Brownstein

Sept. 13, 2022

Ron Brownstein, Senior Editor at Atlantic Magazine and Senior Political Analyst for CNN, has written Rock Me on the Water, about how 1974 was a watershed year for culture and politics: when the media started to pay attention.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 75 - Lewis Chester

Sept. 6, 2022

In 1968 the Sunday Times of London sent Lewis Chester and 2 other reporters to the U.S. to cover the Nixon-Humphrey presidential campaign. Lewis talks about the book he and his fellow reporters wrote about the experience.

Guest: Lewis Chester

The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Kiki Soto

Aug. 30, 2022

On October 7th the salsa music program "Alma Del Barrio" will celebrate 50 years on the air on KXLU-FM in Los Angeles! Kiki Soto tells how he helped put the show on the air, and why salsa is an important musical style.

Guest: Kiki Soto

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 74 - Talking Baseball with Sweeny Murti, Nick Roman and Rob Lang

Aug. 23, 2022

Baseball is a funny game -- you can win 100 games and miss the playoffs, and a Wild Card team can win the World Series. Sweeny, Nick, and Rob look at the favorites and the surprises in this year's race for the pennant.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 73 - Robert Thompson on the state of streaming

Aug. 16, 2022

Netflix is the streaming service that helped create "binge watching." But now it's losing subscribers and may have to insert ads in programs. Is this the end? Media expert Robert Thompson has some ideas.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 72 - Car Radio Dog

Aug. 9, 2022

The most musical thing about the Musical Innertube is our theme song, played by the virtual band Car Radio Dog. Musicians Richard Lindsey and Kevin Timpane join John to talk about their virtual band.

Guest: Car Radio Dog

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 71 - Julie McKelvey Climbs Denali and Vinson

Aug. 2, 2022

Last year, a broken foot kept Julie McKelvey off Denali.  This year, she topped that mountain, and climbed the highest point at the bottom of the world to boot!

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 70 - Mat Kaplan JWST

July 26, 2022

The first images from the James Webb Space Telescope are amazing, and Mat Kaplan of the Planetary Society says they're changing the way we think about the universe. SPECIAL VIDEO INFORMATION BELOW!

Guest: Mat Kaplan

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 69 - Gary Sassaman

July 19, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the San Diego Comic-Con returns in 2022 to hosting in-person attendees. Gary Sassaman tells tales of working for the Con, designing program books and organizing the programs listed in those books.

Guest: Gary Sassaman

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 68 - Isaac Klein

July 12, 2022

It's genius! Track down the owners of car vanity license plates and find out what they mean -- and get an interesting back story to boot!  Isaac Klein tells Don and John how he came up with his terrific podcast.

Guest: Isaac Klein

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 67 - Dick Polman

July 5, 2022

At this point in our history, you may be asking yourself, "Where, exactly, is this country headed?"  Columnist Dick Polman has some interesting answers, starting with the fact that Ireland may have a leg up on us.

Guest: Dick Polman

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 66 - Garry Gilliam Jr.

June 28, 2022

Garry Gilliam had a difference-making touchdown catch in a playoff game for the Seattle Seahawks.  He wants to be a difference maker in his hometown as well.

Guest: Garry Gilliam

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 65 - Hannah Solow

June 21, 2022

She's performing in "Oklahoma" across the country. She's performing on Twitter and Instagram and TikTok on all your devices.  Here and now, Hannah Solow is appearing on the Musical Innertube!

Guest: Hannah Solow

The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Cristina Pucelli

June 14, 2022

She gives voice to some of your favorite animated characters, all while navigating the twists and turns of an unusual corner of show business. Spend a few fascinating minutes with Cristina Pucelli!

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 64 - Tad and Jerry and Chip and Dale

June 7, 2022

These two gumshoes can gather all the clues and tell us if the new Chip and Dale movie is worth seeing.  Tad Stones was around for the first Rescue Rangers series, and Jerry Beck has made a living out of studying cartoons.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 63 - Mykhailo

May 31, 2022

Meet Mykhailo.  He's an American with a background in special ops and battleground medicine, who has close ties to Ukraine. Listen as he tells John and Don what he saw during his recent time in that war-torn country.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 62 - Patty Kim

May 24, 2022

Pennsylvania State Representative Patty Kim tells Don and John about the ups and downs of being elected to public service.

Guest: Patty Kim

The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Jill Sherer Murray

May 17, 2022

Two years ago, Jill Sherer Murray released her book "Big Wild Love" just as the pandemic got underway. Publicity and her book tour were suddenly gone!

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 61 - Art Caplan calls for a U.S. Brexit

May 10, 2022

Bioethicist Art Caplan says the leaked Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade might just lead to different states establishing different values. He says some Americans may not want to live in some of those states.

Guest: Art Caplan

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 60 - Dava Sobel

May 3, 2022

"To be, or not to be..." Poetry, sure, but also the dilemma faced by Schrodinger's cat. Meet Dava Sobel, who curates a magazine column where poetry blends with science.

Guest: Dava Sobel

The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Carl Parker on Climate Change

April 26, 2022

June 22nd? Nope, Earth Day is EVERY day!  Can we reverse climate change? Weather Channel meteorologist Carl Parker has some answers and ideas in this Innertube from last August.

Guest: Carl Parker

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 59 - Mike Hingson Talks Vintage Radio

April 19, 2022

We at the Musical Innertube love radio, and so does Mike Hingson, who takes us back to the time not that long ago when radio flourished as an entertainment medium.

Guest: Mike Hingson

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 58 - Frank Ferrante

April 12, 2022

He's been Pseudolus, Max Prince, and the one, the only, Groucho! Frank Ferrante talks with Don and onetime Philadelphia Inquirer theater critic John about his life in the theater and his evening as Groucho.