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April 2, 2023

Olivia Drops Her Album

Olivia Drops Her Album

Back in January, we chatted with Olivia Farabaugh, who's just beginning her musical career in Nashville. 

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 88 - Olivia Farabaugh | The Musical Innertube

On April First, she officially kicked off that career by releasing her first album, Transparent.  Olivia celebrated the album drop with family and friends in her home state of Pennsylvania by playing all the songs on the album, plus some old favorites, with her band. 

You can download the album now at  When you do, a portion of your purchase will go to benefit the CIRS Support Fund.  Olivia suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, an inflammatory response in the body triggered by exposure to a biotoxin -- in Olivia's case, black mold. 

Here are some pictures of Olivia's album drop performance.  It's like you were there!