And now, a soothing Musical Innertube
March 11, 2021

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 25 - Abby Mahone and Courtney Hart

Educators Abby Mahone and Courtney Hart tell how students, teachers and parents in their school are coping with COVID.

Dr. Abby Mahone, along with fellow educator Courtney Hart, tells Don and John how students, teachers and parents in their school, the Harrisburg Academy, are coping with COVID.

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Abby Mahone

Abby Mahone serves as the Assistant Head of School at the Harrisburg Academy, where she leads school-wide professional development initiatives, expanded school-wide social-emotional programming, and the academic programming sections of the strategic planning process. In her previous role as the Head of Early Childhood and Lower School, Abby implemented a new full-day and full-year early childhood program, created a student support system, and implemented new reading and writing workshop programs. She earned her bachelor’s degree in theatre from Muhlenberg College and her master’s as well as her doctorate in education from Lehigh University.