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Ron Brownstein

Ronald Brownstein is a senior editor at The Atlantic and a senior political analyst for CNN.
He is a two-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of presidential campaigns and the author or editor of seven books. His most recent book, Rock Me on the Water: 1974—The Year Los Angeles Transformed Music, Movies, Television and Politics, was a New York Times best seller. Previously, he served as Atlantic Media’s director of editorial partnerships and as the national political correspondent and a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. He is a winner of the American Political Science Association’s Carey McWilliams Award, its highest honor for lifetime achievement in journalism.

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The Musical Innertube - Blast from the Past - Ron Brownstein

Sept. 13, 2022

Ron Brownstein, Senior Editor at Atlantic Magazine and Senior Political Analyst for CNN, has written Rock Me on the Water, about how 1974 was a watershed year for culture and politics: when the media started to pay attention.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 31 - Ron Brownstein

July 8, 2021

CNN and The Atlantic's Ron Brownstein has written a book about how 1974 was a watershed year for culture and politics in Los Angeles.