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Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland has played chess with serial killers, dug up the dead,worked with profilers, and camped out in haunted crime scenes. As a professor of forensic psychology and an investigative consultant (like her main character, Annie Hunter), she’s always vigilant for unique angles and intriguing characters. She spent five years working with “BTK” serial killer Dennis Rader to write his autobiography, Confession of a Serial Killer, and has been featured as an expert in over 200 true crime documentaries. The author of 69 books, she’s been a forensic consultant for CSI, Bones and The Alienist, an executive producer on Murder House Flip and A&E’s Confession of a Serial Killer, and a commentator on 48 Hours, 20/20, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Nightline, Larry King Live, Nancy Grace and other shows. She blogs regularly for Psychology Today and once wrote extensively for CourtTV’s Crime Library. She’s become the go-to expert for the most extreme, deviant and bizarre forms of criminal behavior, which offers great background for her Nut Cracker Investigations series.

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The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 89 - Katherine Ramsland and the Boy in the Box

Jan. 17, 2023

After 65 years, police have identified Joseph Zarelli, Philadelphia's "Boy in the Box," thanks to DNA technology. Forensic psychologist Katherie Ramsland says this opens the door to solutions for many more unsolved cases.

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 76 - Katherine Ramsland

Sept. 27, 2022

Katherine Ramsland is a professor of forensic psychology. If that sounds boring to you, you probably think Indiana Jones is just an archeologist. Spend some quality time with the author of "The I Scream Man."