And now, a soothing Musical Innertube
Dec. 11, 2022

Joy to the Burg!

Joy to the Burg!

Hi!  Don here!  Hey, if you haven't already, give a listen to our latest episode, Joy to the Burg:

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 83 - Joy to the Burg | The Musical Innertube

Lots of great Christmas music by some fantastic  musicians, plus some fascinating stories about how the songs were made and how the album/download was put together.  And don't forget to download those songs for all your holiday listening enjoyment by going to  - the money goes to help homeless shelters, another good reason to download!

I got a chance to take in a brunch featuring live performances by some of the artists featured on Joy To The Burg. Here from that very brunch are some pictures of some performers, so that -- after you download the album -- you can match faces with some of the voices:

Here's Bob Geiger, whose rendition of the Eagles' "Please Come Home For Christmas" knocked me out.

The Frost Duo added some jazz to the brunch -- their "New Year's Day" is a highlight of the album.

And here's Peter Rogan, who sings "A Home For The Holidays," the song written by organizer Steve Schwartz.  (The chorus of the song is helpfully printed on the wall behind him.)

Hurry on over to and get those Christmas tunes loaded on your phone and/or computer while there's still some of the season left!