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April 16, 2023

A guest appearance on You Tube!

A guest appearance on You Tube!

Christopher Westfall is an insurance broker.  He sells policies, including Medicare coverage.  And although he sells insurance, he's been running a You Tube channel for a while now, calling out the scams and unfair practices he sees in the Medicare arena. 

Back in February, we talked with medical journalist Cheryl Clark about Medicare Advantage Plans and the pitfalls associated with them:  

The Musical Innertube - Volume 2, Number 92 - Cheryl Clark | The Musical Innertube

Christopher was inspired by Cheryl's reporting to post a You Tube video about one practice she uncovered, in which insurace companies advertise for Medicare Advantage plans on doctor's portals.  In addition to quoting Cheryl's article, he included part of our talk with Cheryl in his video.  Here's a link you can use to see the video and get more on the story:

If you're Medicare age, or have a loved one who is, check out our talk with Cheryl and Christopher's You Tube video before you make any decisions.